Bragging post!

Apart from wishing all Plainsong Students a very happy Christmas and New Year, there comes a time when one can reflect on the many events over the course of the year. This is that time.

We began the year with a series of devastating floods throughout Queensland, which affected many of our friends and family and still continues to affect them today. Plainsong Studios was only affected by association, with lessons resuming early February after a short delay.

New students joined and the studio became busier throughout the year. While this was great for the business, it meant a real squeeze of the timetable, with some students missing out due to lack of availability.

Throughout the year a number of students attended Eisteddfodau around Queensland. Many had very good results and it’s great to report that all our students were awarded a first place at some stage in their competitions! Special mention must go to Chenaya, who won a number of Eisteddfodau. Riley, her sister, was also successful in her comps, becoming a finalist in the South East Queensland Eisteddfod, as were Daisy and Will, who started off gently with the Enoggera Eisteddfod and who both won prizes. Best result for 2011 goes to Hannah Grondin, who won the $1000 Music Theatre prize at the Brisbane Eisteddfod.

Then, in July, my husband and I bought a house. This was a momentous occasion: it was important to us that we find a house with space for a big studio, which we managed to locate. We are very happy with our studio space and the improved resonance is great for our singers. It was time consuming to organise and the paint work has still not been completed but I have high hopes for a more attractive foyer area in 2012.

In November a number of singers underwent their AMEB singing exams. We had a great result. Overall, our 11 students were awarded grades of 1 B, 2 B+, 7 A and 1 A+. This shows the great standard we uphold in our studio. Our students were well prepared and they sang beautifully. We were “breaking in” a new examiner – he made great comments but the marks were hard. So a wonderful result for our students overall.

Finally, we held our end of year Showcase Concert. It was short but with some wonderful performers who sang a range of repertoire from the music theatre and pop genres. Next year I hope to move the concert up by one month to late October, which hopefully will allow more of our students to attend. Our students were ably accompanied by Brendan Murtagh, who is a gentle but fabulous performer. A real asset to singers!

Our singers are taking part in contests and shows and we are seeing successful performers emerge the longer the studio continues. We look forward to more great stuff from our singers in the future.

Have a very happy holiday and we’ll see you in 2012.




About Jessica

Dr Jessica O'Bryan PhD is an educator, researcher, singer and author. Her next book on Musical Theatre Education and Training will be published in 2020 through Routledge. Her last book was Teaching Singing in the 21st Century (2014, Springer). She lives in Brisbane in a semi-renovated 20s Queenslander home with her husband, Dougal the Groodle, and all the single ladies (Poppy the Groodle, Lucy the Cat, and the chooks).
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