We’re open for business!

Hi folks,

Well, after a very long summer break, Plainsong Studios are once again open for business! If you would like to chat with me about singing lessons please call the studio and I’m sure we can fit you in. This year, as I have threatened many times, Thursday afternoons are now available, and there are a few spots available from 3.00 – 6.00pm, plus a couple of spots remaining on Mondays. Check the contact page for details on how to call me.


We welcome several new faces to Plainsong: Avery, Amy, Katalin, Zoe, Laina, Kaitlin and Ashlea. Each have been referred to Plainsong by word of mouth and I thank those students and families who have passed on our details. Hi girls and I look forward to working with each of you!

We have had some amazing success stories this last few months, and a few of my long term students have moved to their new endeavours. Josh got into the VCA actor course, Hannah got into the QCON Griffith Uni MT course, Daisy got into the QCON Jazz certificate course, Felix Star is performing in any one of the professional shows available at present, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and QTC’s production of the Scottish Play, too. A couple of long-term students have now moved on as well, including Riley and Elysha and Kiara. I wish them all the very best in their future pursuits. This means we have a few more spaces available now for new students! Spread the word that we still have good availability.

In other news, one of my children has moved up to live with us, so this means we will be renovating the house to accommodate more people! Argh! We will be altering the front of the house, adding a porch and front stairs, carport, and replacing the louvre windows with solid windows. Clients will enter from the front of the house rather than the side, and the studio will be basically the same space, but slightly smaller than in the old configuration. I promise though, it will be much quieter, and still air-conditioned! I’ll let you know when and if our teaching is likely to be interrupted as the building works occur.

New book

I’m a little bit chuffed to announce that Scott Harrison and I have published a book about singing teaching. That’s right, folks, this little black duck is now an author! Below is the link to the website where you can find out a little bit more about it. Called Teaching Singing in the 21st Century, it’s for singing teachers, choir leaders and folk who may be interested in how singing teaching works. Our book launch will be a little later this year, and I’ll let you know when invitations will be sent out.

I wish everyone the best for a great year!

About Jessica

Dr Jessica O'Bryan PhD is an educator, researcher, singer and author. Her next book on Musical Theatre Education and Training will be published in 2020 through Routledge. Her last book was Teaching Singing in the 21st Century (2014, Springer). She lives in Brisbane in a semi-renovated 20s Queenslander home with her husband, Dougal the Groodle, and all the single ladies (Poppy the Groodle, Lucy the Cat, and the chooks).
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