My, is it Halloween already?!!

Well, hasn’t the year flown by? Spooky.

I’m thrilled to announce I will submit the final draft of my PhD dissertation later this week, and I thank everyone very much for their patience and good humour as I’ve taken time out from teaching to complete this important milestone. I hope I will be able to announce my impending doctor-hood some time in the new year.

Because my energies have gone into my writing, I’ve not focussed on singing exams this year. Therefore if you were hoping to sit an AMEB exam this term I’m sorry: the time for lodging submissions has passed. I will be planning for the first round in 2015. Therefore we will do all the preparation for the exam this year but be ready to go early in the first term of next year!

It has been a very busy year at Plainsong. I’ve run a few consultancies, workshops and eisteddfods; student numbers are booming, and I’m getting lots of lovely referrals from satisfied students. Thanks to all who have recommended my services. I try to be as trustworthy and reliable as possible and I am always revising my knowledge about singing teaching, to ensure I am up to date with all the new information.

But the proof of the pudding is in our student results. This year has been a tremendous success for so many of you. I’m very proud of all of your many fantastic achievements and thrilled that I was able to contribute to your success!

New Studio Update

The bank has given us the funds, we’ve spoken to the builders, and we are now off and running to plan and build the new studio, which will hopefully ready by the beginning of Term 1, 2015. At any rate, we are replacing the ugly louvres with lovely casement windows in a month, so that will make a huge difference to the noise in the front room. We are painting the exterior too, so the house and studio will look fresh and pretty.

I thank everyone for their patience as we’ve settled into our house and ‘made do’ with an imperfect studio situation, but 2015 is the year, folks!

The new studio will have a minimum dimension of 4 metres by 5 metres, with a cathedral ceiling and sliding doors opening out to the 1.5 metre verandah. There will be a small bathroom and kitchenette on one end and I am hoping to have a BIG bookcase installed all along the back wall. The appearance of the little cottage will be cute, folks! It will have a gable tin roof with verandah, and the exterior will be clad in wooden siding, much like the main house.

The colours will be the same as the main house: grey and white with dark grey trim. The interior will be white VJ with wood flooring, and there will be a couch for sitting on, plus all my music and office equipment. I’m looking forward to getting some pictures on the walls (we have lots in storage) and buying a glamorous Persian rug for the floor, and putting our rattan chairs on the verandah.

You will get to see the back of our current house, and our rather diabolical yard, but I promise next year we will be ripping up the old weed patch – EVERYTHING in the yard bar the Crepe Myrtle and the palm tree is a weed, wouldn’t you know? We will be planting a brand new garden and laying new turf so that everyone gets to enjoy our new sub tropical paradise!

In the meantime, have a fabulous and scary Halloween!

About Jessica

Dr Jessica O'Bryan PhD is an educator, researcher, singer and author. Her next book on Musical Theatre Education and Training will be published in 2020 through Routledge. Her last book was Teaching Singing in the 21st Century (2014, Springer). She lives in Brisbane in a semi-renovated 20s Queenslander home with her husband, Dougal the Groodle, and all the single ladies (Poppy the Groodle, Lucy the Cat, and the chooks).
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