Term 2 has commenced

Hi Folks,

Welcome to Term 2, 2015. Lessons recommenced today and while we are still working from the Qld Conservatorium for the time being, we are moving rooms in a week to a more private area on level 2, away from Con students. More information will be forthcoming shortly.

As to the studio news, well, I’ve paid for the architect’s first set of drawings and now the engineer is getting involved, which means that we should have an idea of the feasibility of the plans shortly. We can then do a costing and finally seek Council approval before commencing the build. It’s taking forever but things are moving along, albeit slowly.

I imagine we will not begin building before August at this rate, given that we are going overseas in June, and will not get back until mid-July. This means all 2015 will be at the Con, but I’m almost certain that 2016 will see the studio built and ready for use by February.

Don’t forget to see Working at the Con: the first show is Tuesday next week. A great show about working people with songs by Wicked composer Stephen Schwartz and others. To book follow the link: http://www.conevents.com.au/

Have a great term everyone and remember too that the Winter Audition Workshop is also open for bookings. It will be held in the first week of July. Go to the Musical Theatre page here for more information on cost and booking. It’s going to be a great week!

About Jessica

Dr Jessica O'Bryan PhD is an educator, researcher, singer and author. Her next book on Musical Theatre Education and Training will be published in 2020 through Routledge. Her last book was Teaching Singing in the 21st Century (2014, Springer). She lives in Brisbane in a semi-renovated 20s Queenslander home with her husband, Dougal the Groodle, and all the single ladies (Poppy the Groodle, Lucy the Cat, and the chooks).
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