A month goes racing by…

Hi Folks,

It’s a short five weeks since Plainsong opened its doors in 2018, in our brand-new refurbished studio. Well, ok, maybe there are still a few holes to patch. But otherwise, it’s brand spanking new!

Students have noticed how nice it is to sing in a large, cool studio, with its air-conditioning and desk fan keeping the heat down. Of course, I’ve discovered I can’t open the windows because the wetness of the year and fresh paint equals windows stuck fast.


We’ve also nearly finished the vestibule. I’ve found a couple of pretty little gouache paintings by Tania Blum, and they’re now hanging in the foyer above the chair. They are in just the right shades of blue, teal, peacock and orange that will make the room pop.

In other news I started my other (research) jobs in February, which makes my time just that little bit less available. I’m still good to go from 3.30pm but there’s very little wiggle-room at the moment. Check the website for up-to-date times and slots, but please be aware that once a time is booked up, it’s gone!

Speaking of research, did you know that Scott and I are writing a book on Musical Theatre training? Well, we got the contract and we’re heading to New York in March, to the hub musical theatre life in Broadway, where we’ll be interviewing some of the greats of the genre. I can’t tell you who they are right now, but it’s a super exciting time for us both! We can’t wait to get started, but there’s a heap of reading and research to be done before we go.

That’s my job for the next few weeks. So, off I go, getting stuck into my reading.



About Jessica

Dr Jessica O'Bryan PhD is an educator, researcher, singer and author. Her next book on Musical Theatre Education and Training will be published in 2020 through Routledge. Her last book was Teaching Singing in the 21st Century (2014, Springer). She lives in Brisbane in a semi-renovated 20s Queenslander home with her husband, Dougal the Groodle, and all the single ladies (Poppy the Groodle, Lucy the Cat, and the chooks).
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