I’m back!

Hi folks,

I’m back in sunny and very hot Brisbane and I have some good time slots available for singing lessons, commencing Feb 12. Check out the timetable page for information about lesson times and give me a call to place your request. I’ll respond within 48 hours.

I have several things to do this year including writing 2 books and a cabaret, so I’m doing stuff I love but which doesn’t pay a jot! I wrote about my new year’s resolutions on my @brisvegashome insta page, and amongst other things I’m going to get fit and active again, as I was a few years ago. I had an incredibly sedentary year in 2018, so I’m resolved to get back into my fitness groove!

I look forward to hearing from you all soon, and in the meantime, have a great February.



About jessplainsong

I'm a musician, singer, researcher, teacher, in no particular order. I have what is commonly referred to as a portfolio career. I write a couple of blogs, finished my PhD in 2015, am a project manager for a research project in education at a local university and run a private business in singing teaching and consulting. Why blog? Well, as a way of documenting my life's journey. I could do this in a diary. You know, those handwritten ones. And I started lots of those, but I never kept them going. So this is my way of staying disciplined about writing about singing and teaching and thinking and performing. One day I'll put together a cabaret, when I've finished my PhD. I promise. And since I've finished my PhD, I have no excuse now.
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