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I'm a musician, singer, researcher, teacher, in no particular order. I have what is commonly referred to as a portfolio career. I write a couple of blogs, finished my PhD in 2015, am a project manager for a research project in education at a local university and run a private business in singing teaching and consulting. Why blog? Well, as a way of documenting my life's journey. I could do this in a diary. You know, those handwritten ones. And I started lots of those, but I never kept them going. So this is my way of staying disciplined about writing about singing and teaching and thinking and performing. One day I'll put together a cabaret, when I've finished my PhD. I promise. And since I've finished my PhD, I have no excuse now.

Plainsong Studios to close

Dear students and families of Plainsong, I have decided to close Plainsong Studios, in order to follow my heart on other career options. We have had a great run of more than 10 years as a successful small business, but … Continue reading

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I’m back!

Hi folks, I’m back in sunny and very hot Brisbane and I have some good time slots available for singing lessons, commencing Feb 12. Check out the timetable page for information about lesson times and give me a call to … Continue reading

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So far in Paris…

Folks, I’m having a wonderful time overseas with my husband and his adult children. I’ve bought winter clothes (to be put away until May), some delicate porcelain for my mother, and we’ve walked at least 150000 steps since we arrived … Continue reading

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End of Year activities

Hi Folks, It’s nearly the end of the year, and what a year it has been! We are gearing up for the final set of auditions for WAAPA and VCA and Elder Con (a new course in Musical Theatre). This … Continue reading

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