Timetable updates

Hi folks,

Just a note to let you know about the next few weeks.

I leave for Melbourne as of Thursday evening July 20 as my father’s surgery has led to unexpected complications. I will be away until August 1.

Therefore the next 2 weeks looks like this:

Tuesday 18 July: Kristie, Bailee, Liz

Wednesday 19 July: Brittany, Grace, Charlie, Eloise, Ash

Thursday 20 July: NO teaching

Tuesday 22 – Thursday 24 July: NO teaching

Tuesday 1 August: Kristie, Bailee, Liz

Wednesday 2 August: Courtney, Brittany, Grace, Charlie, Eloise, Ash

Thursday 3 August: NO teaching

For my flexible Thursday students, I have a spot available on Wednesday 19 July at 12pm, and can make it earlier if need be. The same goes for Wednesday 2 August when I can be available before 12pm for my flex students. Please text to arrange a time if you don’t want to wait a month for a lesson!

Best wishes,


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Term 3 update

Hi folks,

There are a few timetable changes this term to consider. I’m tutoring at Griffith Uni on alternate Thursdays, beginning this week, and will need to swap students where possible for Wednesdays.

I’m also planning a couple of short trips to Melbourne (leaving this Friday), to care for my dad during his surgery and afterwards. Therefore I won’t be available next week. I am also heading to Melbourne on July 23 and staying until August 3, which is when I plan to take my “school holidays”.

Please check emails for relevant information, and have a look at the timetable page for the potential day changes, and contact me ASAP if you need to change your time.



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Studio is coming!

Hi folks,

2 great things to tell you about:

1/ I bought a brand new keyboard last week. It’s a Yamaha DGX-660 and it came with its very own sustain pedals. I’m in keyboard heaven. I haven’t worked out how to use it yet, so there’ll be a humorous learning curve as I work out where the transpose key sits.

2/ We’re fixing up the studio!!!!!! It shouldn’t take too long to do, and may be ready as early as July. I’m SO excited!

That’s all for now, folks. Keep an eye out for the new timetable and there are still a few time slots open, so let people know about my awesome singing teaching!



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Patience is a virtue!

Hi folks,

Remember when I said I was going to have the studio fixed up and ready to go by April? Yeah, that. Um. Ok, so the wall is still up and I STILL haven’t advertised the bed we foolishly bought for my step daughter which is taking up precious precious space in our little little house, but we ARE getting closer.

As you may have noticed, my sad old piano keyboard is fast reaching its use-by date, and I need to buy a new computer (why do these things always come in threes?!). But on the plus side, I’ve just called Hire-a-Hubby who will be coming to give me a quote this Friday on renovating the old studio (again).

Should that go ahead, we’ll definitely be able to move into the studio in Term 3. I’m frankly sick to death of dashing out to the printer and having to move my equipment in and out of the lounge room each teaching day. Not to mention the permanent state of my kitchen table as a study-and-office space at the moment!

Also in the news: Wednesdays are now up again as a weekly teaching day. If you wish to change your lesson day, check the timetable for your preferred day and get back to me!

Finally, a note on the progress of my dad, who has entirely curable stomach cancer. His operation is expected to take place in August some time. If that is the case, I’ve called my mum to see if she needs help during his convalescence, and I might head to Melbourne during that time, hence, I’m going to teach through the June/July school holidays for anyone who wants it.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope your year has been a good one thus far!


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Date changes

Hi folks,

We’re nearly at the end of Term 1 already! Time flies when you’re having fun. Just to have fun for a little longer, please note that end-of-term dates have changed slightly to allow for some Melbourne Wedding Time.

Term 1 will now finish Thursday 6 April.

Term 2 will commence Wednesday 26 April.

Do let me know if you can’t attend lessons in that first week of April and I’ll see what I can do.

Best wishes to all,



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OMG March already?!

Where has the year gone already?! All my students are now happily settled in their new time slots and I thank everyone for their patience as we organise teaching times around my uni tutoring schedule and the like. As indicated, I AM teaching every alternate week at Uni on Wednesdays, so those students who were able to shift to other days, I thank you! Wednesdays are now being reserved for casual visits and fortnightly students.

Thanks too for your patience as we plan the renovations of our house. I’m enjoying my lounge room to teach in – it’s surprisingly resonant and lovely there. However I AM looking forward to when we can return to the original room for lessons. I’ll keep you posted.

In sadder news, my father was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer, and while his long-term prognosis is very good, I’m going to be travelling back and forth to Melbourne on a regular basis to see my family, so I thank you in advance for your understanding there.

Have a great term everyone, and see you all in your lessons!




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Week One is OVAH!

Hi Folks,

Well, week one is done and dusted. The studio welcomes newbies Ash, Kristie and Courtney, and I look forward to working with you all!

Triona says goodbye to us as she heads for Ballarat and Federation Uni. She was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Musical Theatre) there, and starts next week. We wish her well!

Clancy is looking mighty fine as he has worked hard to stay fit throughout this hot and steamy summer. He’s looking forward to starting at the Qld Con Bachelor of Musical Theatre in a few weeks.

There are still a few places available as the term begins. Please let other singers know that I am open for business!

See you all as we move into week 2.



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Welcome to 2017!

Hi Folks,

Welcome to 2017 with Plainsong. I have had a glorious long summer break in cool and elegant Melbourne (and even cooler and more gorgeous Aireys Inlet) and am more than ready to get going again. I hope you are ready for new and exciting things coming your way!


As indicated in my last message to you all, my daughter Mara is planning to move out shortly (I HAD hoped it would be before January, oh well!), and we will be re-vamping the half-finished studio once she has gone. However, this will take a few weeks. Until then, I will be teaching in my lounge room, which will be a very pleasant and air-conditioned experience. Please be patient while we get the studio back up and running.

I’ve not heard about those possible lecturing opportunities this year, so I’m not sure what will happen yet, but rest assured I will give you plenty of notice should anything occur, and I’ll ensure a smooth transition between teaching days for those who may be affected.

As always, check the timetable page for your preferred time and day, and notify me ASAP. First in best dressed!

With best wishes for a great 2017 (notwithstanding THAT man as US President),



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Hi folks,

the new address for Plainsong Studios is: plainsongstudios.com !!

Out with the old, in with the new!!


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Final lessons this week!


Christmas is only 5 weeks away!

This week marks the end of the year for Plainsong singing lessons. It’s a week or two early, as I am doing some Uni tutoring that will impact on lesson times.

What a strange and in some ways terrible year 2016 has been. Some of the world’s great artists have died too soon, including Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Natalie Cole and many others. Others who have died, a little later in life, whose work has touched us all include Glen Frey from the Eagles, Leonard Cohen, and Gene Wilder.

We’ve also seen the years of free-market capitalism, which has led to entrenched poverty and enriched only a few, cause outrage in many first world countries, with Brexit, Trump-as-President and the rise of the conservative right emerging as a result of genuine anger over what people perceive as the unwillingness of governments to listen to their grievances. Of course, fighting and horror continue in the Middle East, with no real end in sight. And the world keeps heating up.

Closer to home, I have personally dealt with some difficult situations that have caused considerable anguish, and I am very much looking forward to 2017 with a renewed sense of purpose and energy. I love that my profession enables me to engage with the world in a joyful, healing way. Art and artistry have counteracted much of the horror of this year.

My students continue to shine brightly, as they always do! We have had some good results this year from various students. Grace is beginning to hit her comic stride with main roles in A Chorus Line and other shows. Fran and Eloise continue their impressive regime of performances in pro-am productions. My now longest-lasting student 15 year-old Charlie was a huge hit as Rizzo in Grease with Somerville and Churchie, and she is in high demand at Somerville for concerts and music events. My second-longest lasting student Clancy was a wonderful Gomez Addams in the Ipswich Grammar production of The Addams Family, opposite new student Bailee as Morticia. Clancy will now be leaving us as he was accepted into the Bachelor of Musical Theatre at the Queensland Conservatorium. I will miss him terribly, but I am SO proud of the hard work he has put in to become the next great Musical Theatre star!

Five of my students have now sat their Musical Theatre Syllabus AMEB exams, and I’m proud to announce Brittany received a High Distinction, while Krystal and Bailee each achieved Credit. We are still waiting on the results of the other exams but I am very proud of the work everyone has put into their studies for this examination. In other news, both Liz and Bailee have accepted a place with ADPI for 2017, and I look forward to them developing many more skills in their quests to become Qld Con ready. Triona has been shortlisted in QUT’s acting degree (no results yet) and has also been accepted into Showfit in Melbourne, which is an acting diploma course.

As to the studio for 2017: I was recently informed that my adult daughter would be moving out of home in the next few months (yay, you go girl!), which will free up space at home in which to house Plainsong Studios. Yes, we are returning to Norman Park! We will be doing some minor renovations to get the room ready, including the purchase and installation of an air-conditioning unit, and some room re-configuration. The room will be quieter than formerly, as we’ve removed the rattly old louvres and put insulation in the walls and ceiling. Parking will be freely available in Katherine Street, and the 210 bus is just 100 metres away on McIlwraith Avenue. Norman Park Station is at the bottom of the hill and even the 214 bus stops nearby on Bennetts Road.

I may be doing some lecturing and tutoring next year at USC at the Gympie and Sippy Downs Campuses, however I’ve not yet received a timetable or indeed contract! For the time being, though, let’s assume that afternoons of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be my studio teaching days.

As with previous years, the first-in-best-dressed applies to lesson days and times, so if you have unavoidable commitments I suggest you get your request in as soon as possible! With the return to Norman Park my access to equipment and music improves, so I look forward to being able to help you with your mic technique and other skills.

May you all have a wonderful Xmas and New Year!

With very best wishes,


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