Fees, Terms and Conditions


1.    Fees: from January 2019. There is no fee change.

  • For irregular consultations, the fee is $120.00 per hour, and $60.00 for 30 minutes. Those who pay on the day are considered irregular consults and will be charged accordingly. Students who have prepaid their lessons in full are given preference over irregular consultations.
  • BULK LESSONS:  For lessons bought in blocks of 10, the fee is $90.00 per lesson per 55 minute hour.
  • BULK LESSONS: For 25-minute lessons bought in blocks of 10, the fee is $45.00 per lesson.
  • Lessons bought in blocks of 10 do not correspond exactly to the QLD school term. Please see the Timetable page for more information.

Terms and Conditions:

2.    Fees are set at the commencement of the calendar year, with one term’s notice given of any fee rise.

3.    No GST is charged as of 2019, but this may change at any time. One term’s notice will be given of any GST charges added.

4.    Bulk Lessons may only be booked in blocks of 10. Payment plans will be discussed with the individual at time of consultation. The exception is for irregular consultations, which are charged per session.

5.    A student will not be permitted to attend lessons without full payment of fees.

6.    A signed Enrolment Form is required on or before the first lesson. Enrolments are deemed to be for the number of lessons selected and will be cancelled if fees are not paid.

7.    Fees are not refundable. Lessons CAN be transferred to another person with due notice.

8.    Non attendance at a lesson without notice is deemed to be an attendance.

9.    Cancellations: Any student cancelling a lesson without a minimum of 24 hours notice will forfeit that lesson and only ONE lesson per 10-lesson block may be postponed for any reason. You are booking the time slot over the duration of the invoice. If you have short-term commitments on the lesson day requiring a lesson reschedule everything will be done to accommodate the student on another day where time slots are available.

10.   Non attendance at a makeup lesson is considered an attendance and will not be rescheduled.

11.   Individual lessons postponed by Plainsong Studio teachers will be carried forward: you will not be charged for lessons that were unable to be taught due to the teacher’s absence.

12.   Fees may be paid in cash or by electronic bank deposit. Credit card and Eftpos facilities are not available, however new digital banking options are being explored. Our preferred payment method is electronic bank deposit.

13.   In the event that default of payment of an account occurs, and action is taken to recover the debt, the student shall pay all costs incurred in recovering the debt.

14.   For those involved in concert, exam, audition or eisteddfod preparation, rehearsal fees, exam, accompanist and concert fees are payable separately. These fees will vary depending on the event and the student’s involvement. Fees will be advised prior to each event.

15.   A student is required to provide all resources for private use outside lessons e.g. original sheet music, original songbooks, CDs or recordings for backing music. It is recommended that students bring a smart phone to record their singing lesson.

16.   The studio will provide each student with a music diary, a display folder and music selections as required for auditions and eisteddfods. The student is responsible for sourcing and providing their own music scores. I recommend using www.musicnotes.com for legal copies of music works. If you bring copies of works for teachers to play please ensure they are clean, clear, and either taped together or in a display folder. You will need one copy for yourself and one for the teacher. Professional scores are preferred – free ones from the internet are mostly not to an acceptable standard for playing.

Please note that due to copyright laws photocopying music is prohibited. Please see below:

Copying printed musical works

Musical works in this context refer to printed copies of musical scores. The educational copying provisions are of limited value in relation to the reproduction of musical works, due to those provisions applying only to works of more than 10 pages.

  • If a work is more than 10 pages in length, you may copy a reasonable portion only.
  • If an item is less than 10 pages in length, it cannot be copied under educational copying provisions (i.e. you cannot make multiple copies and distribute to students).
  • NOTE: The 10% rule does not apply to musical anthologies (collections of musical works). Each item within the anthology is treated as a separate work, and you may only copy a reasonable portion or a particular work if that work is greater than 10 pages in length.

17. Please note that unless otherwise advised, the studio closes on the following public holidays: the Queen’s Birthday, Anzac Day, Labour Day and Royal Brisbane Show, if they fall on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.