A beautiful email excerpt from one of my students’ parents upon finding out I was reducing my teaching to students aged 15 and over:

We have been so blessed to have you as part of his life. You have been such an extraordinary teacher for him and have guided him so unselfishly with such commitment. Please know to our family you are irreplaceable and we are world citizens. We have been such a lucky family to know you. William although bright would not have been accepted to Terrace without your input!!

A recent note from one of my special graduating students:

2014 Lucy


A recent message from one of my students and their parents: 2014 clancy



A lovely email from a dear student of mine, sent in June 2014:

Hi Jess,

I just wanted to tell you about something that would never have happened if I didn’t have lessons with you.

A little girl, L, started singing lessons with me at the very end of last year. She has a very very raspy voice, and an American accent, despite living in Australian for almost 4 years, since she was in grade 1. After a few weeks, I started asking mum questions about her voice, and if she knew why it was so raspy. Mum said that her own voice was like that as a child, but she grew out of it.

At the start of this year, I convinced her mum to take her to the GP to get a referral for an ENT. Turns out she has the start of vocal nodules, from overuse of her voice. She is a VERY energetic young girl, who also had night terrors until recently (lots of screaming in her sleep). She just had her first appointment with a Speech Pathologist on Thursday, and I have spoken to the speech pathologist today. L is now starting violin lessons with me (already does compulsory group lessons at school), and we are doing only 10 minutes of just breathing during her lessons. I was able to understand everything that the speech pathologist told me over the phone, like vocal folds not closing due to too much air etc.

Just wanted to say that without what you taught me, I wouldn’t of taken L’s raspy voice as seriously as I did, I wouldn’t understand how the voice works as well as I do, and L would probably go on to have permanent vocal damage, whether she was having singing lessons or not.

So, thank you 🙂


Lots of lovely messages from parents of singers, and the singers themselves at the 2012 Showcase:

from Tim:

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for arranging such a great performance. What talent amongst your students!! Jazzie has been walking on clouds since last night.

Thanks again.

From Carol,

Dear Jessica
What a fantastic concert. We all enjoyed it so much and what a variety of performers. Thank you for all your hard work with all especially William.
See you on Tuesday.

From Mel:

Congrats on a fabulous effort today. My God!!! How proud you should be that all your kids did an outstanding job. Very hard to say which one was better as no one was better just….different! Kiara is so proud to be working with you and I think you are doing an amazing job with Kiara and she really looks forward to coming to class.

See you Wednesday

A text from Michelle:

Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday and all your hard work in getting everything ready for us! Thanks to Scott for all his help also! Rob was blown away by all your fabulous students. He hasn’t stopped talking about how much he enjoyed the afternoon. See you Wednesday! xxx

A text from Simone, who has just landed her first big gig in Miami, leaving this week:

Thank you again for your help and guidance Jess – I know it hasn’t been long but you have really been the one to make me feel like I CAN do this and it means so much! I was so exhausted and swollen today but I hope I managed to pull enough out of the tank to impress Paul and make you proud!


From Meg, whose son Clancy is just 13 but who is really developing well:

Just thought I would touch base with you, as I rarely ever make it down these days. By the time you read this email, you will have learnt of Clancy’s successes so far at the  Eisteddfod. He has been singing very well, obviously! Yesterday, when he sang his Adele song for the Boys Solo, I almost laughed out loud because he sang first and was followed by 3 very good little singers singing the usual Eisteddfod 1950’s numbers in unchanged voices. It was quite weird, really. I guess that happens in under 13 boys categories all of the time!! Anyway, the adjudicator is very pleased with Clancys voice despite the comments. His second was only by half a point… We are absolutely over the moon with you as a teacher (and a person!!!) and would love for Clance to continue with you.

Take care and hope to see you soon!


A nice unsolicited message from a local accompanist, sent 11/08/12.

Hi Jessica. Heidi L here. We haven’t met, but I’m accompanying some of your students for the Enoggera Eisteddfod next week. I just felt the need to get in touch with you. This morning I rehearsed with Charlie and Amber-Lily. Both girls have totally blown me away! They were so well prepared, presented so professionally and were both gorgeous to work with. It’s exciting to see young people being shaped so beautifully and encouraged to take their passion seriously. It really impressed and excited me, I just felt compelled to let you know my thoughts. Thanks for making my job so easy! Cheers. Heidi.


Some messages from singing students:


Dear Jessica

I hope you enjoyed the DREAM I looked for you although I had about 20 people there that were there to see William and was quite busy. I trust you were pleased with the dynamic duo (you know that you had 10% of the chorus as your students} See you on Wednesday.

All the best,


P.S. you have been an inspiration to my son.



Dear Jessica,

Thanks you! You’ve really helped me and Tess to improve our voices (and posture!)

Thanks, Clance

Dearest Jessica,

Thanks so much for all you have done with Tess and Clance this year. They love coming to singing and, I think, that says it all! May you and yours have a fantastic Christmas break and we will see you bright and early in 2012!

Love heaps, The Enchelmaier-Allen clan

From Christine, June 2011,I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and encouragement. My daughter really enjoys her lessons with you and is always so happy when she gets back in the car after seeing you. Her recent performances at school were the best I have ever seen her sing since she was 10. Since she became self aware! She sang with passion, feeling and enjoyment. There were no funny hand movements and no screwing up of her skirt. It was wonderful and this is a credit to you as well as her.From Josh, Sat October 10, 2009:Thanks heaps for guiding me, in finding my voice. I have had so much fun with “The Ships of Arcady” this afternoon, also reading up on Mr Michael Head. I found on YouTube the whole “Over the rim of the moon” series performed in order, I think in time I could perform this quite well myself.From Ashleigh, 2008:Thank you for being an amazing singing teacher – I have learnt so much. I look forward to learning even more in the new year!

From K, 2008:

Firstly I would like to thank you for helping me be as prepared as possible for my auditions, as my parents have told you, the Con audition was by far my best and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I believe it went very well and have confidence in my performance on the day.

(and from her parents one month later):

Hi Jessica

Just letting you know that K got into the Bachelor of Music at the Con as a vocalist.  K did try to get you on the phone.  There is no indication as to whether it is Jazz or Classical but she is over the moon (as are we).  Thank you sooooo much for all of your help.



From Vicky:

Hi Jessica,

An especially big thank you for both taking me as I am and guiding me so well with this past term’s learning – it has been really rewarding and I am ready to consolidate and take on some new challenges for next year.



From G:

It has been an absolute pleasure being your student since year 6. I have learned so much and widened my appreciation for music and singing. You are such a caring and talented woman and I know you will achieve great things in your new and exciting future. I will miss our chats and the singing lessons every Thursday morning. However I have many fond memories that I will treasure during my school experience. The Europe Tour, Competition Choir and more. I wish you all the best for your future and know that you will be greatly missed. Love always, G

Messages from other satisfied clients

From Sonya:

Dear Jess,

Just a short note of thanks for this semester. I have enjoyed this thoroughly and have gained a greater understanding – and you have played a part in this. Your love for music shines through. Keep it real. Have a good break.

x Sonya

About the group YOUNG CON SINGERS (I conducted them between 2008 and 2010)

From Ralph Hultgren, Head of Pre-Tertiary Studies at the Queensland Conservatorium, commenting on the performance of the Young Con Singers on Saturday 15 November 2008:

Hi Jess,

The performance on Saturday was first class!. Joyful, energetic and focused – all at once. So musical too!!!

Thanks for what you have done with them this semester!

Best wishes to you



Comments from other sources

From Antonia, Brisbane singing teacher and ANATS colleague, on November 16, 2008

Dear Jessica,
At a concert I was singing at today, Jenny L  came up afterwards utterly singing your praises and the work you are doing with the ensemble at the Con. Apparently the girls were fantastic and Irena loves singing in the group.
I seem to be hearing the same things over and over from different quarters so I hope you are enjoying the accolades and planning to have a well deserved break for Christmas.

Just thought I’d let you know because it is nice to get feedback.


1 Response to Testimonials

  1. Kate Aston says:

    Hi Jess,
    Needless to say, I am thrilled with Riley’s development this year. Her voice and confidence are soaring and I look forward to the next exciting chapter in “The Life Of Riley”. I am also grateful for the care and nurturing of Chenaya’s evolving vocal mechanism. I understand the importance of vocal health in achieving her ultimate potential and longevity as a performer.
    Love, love, loved the concert and the eclectic mix of talent,

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