Timetable 2019

In 2019 the days for singing lessons are the afternoons only of Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Monday afternoons are open only for casual lessons and if there is no conflict with my other activities. I am not available on Fridays or the weekend.

Lessons recommence Feb 12.

Term dates and times are below. While they correspond roughly to the QLD school year please be aware these are flexible, depending on demand and my travel and performance engagements.

Term Dates Length
Term 1 Tuesday 12 February – Thursday April 4  8 weeks
Term 2 Tuesday April 24 – Thursday June 27
10 weeks
Term 3 Tuesday 16 July – Thursday September 19
10 weeks
Term 4 Tuesday October 8 – Thursday December 5
7 weeks

Casual lessons will be available until mid-December. I am intending to be away in early November (visiting Turin and Venice), which explains the shortened final term.

Here is my real-time availability for casual students or those wanting a lesson change. If you want a lesson, just request your preferred time from the available slots and I’ll fit you in! Any time period marked NA is Not Available for lessons. (iPad/ tablet only reads times as busy, so do check your desktop or laptop version for specific times and names.)

MONDAYS: Casual adult students only

TUESDAYS: Earlier times closed until June 2019

5.30pm Chloe

6.00pm Giselle

6.30pm Hannah

WEDNESDAYS: Earlier times closed until June 2019

6.00pm Meleia






5.00pm Bailee

5:30pm Bailee

6.00 pm FINISH


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